About us

The Syracuse Latino festival was created a long long time ago by several leaders of the local Hispanic community, becoming for a few years, one of the most attended Festivals in Syracuse. For a while it operated under the management and control of the Spanish Action League, but due to circumstances that could not be controlled, it was cancelled for a few years. For the last 3 or 4 years, under the leadership of Fanny Villarreal, and the assistance of Hugo Acosta (and a few other local Latino leaders), this Cultural public family event is trying to reinvent and recreate itself, into a proud peaceful representation of our Culture and a friendly healthy demonstration of the Latino people in this area.

This event has been always open to the general public, and it is FREE of charge throughout the whole day. A large vendors area and many other amenities, was presented during the festival back in the Clinton Square of downtown Syracuse. Additionally several small events were scheduled to happened throughout the day, including a Youth Show, cultural demonstrations, sports tournaments, and other small shows.

We also had scheduled several local musical groups and one out-of-town group, to perform towards the end of the day, and we are inviting several vendors, not only to represent our Culture, but also to provide food and merchandise for our local Latino community.

2022 Festival Latino Committee

Ofelia Anamaria - Peru

Ofelia Anamaria

Hugo Acosta - Venezuela

Hugo Acosta

Luis Colon - Puerto Rico

Luis Colon

Laura Cueva - Mexico

Laura Cueva

Gerardo Cummings - Mexico

Gerardo Cummings

Eddy Luce - Mexico

Eddy Luce

Jose Miguel Hernandez - Cuba

Jose Miguel Hernandez

Jeorgen Martinez - Dominican Republic

Jeorgen Martinez

Armando Martinez - Nicaragua

Armando Martinez

Tere Paniagua - Puerto Rico

Tere Paniagua

Nora Putman - Honduras

Nora Putman

Fanny Villarreal - Peru

Fanny Villarreal