Thanks for your interest in participating in the Syracuse Latino Festival.

If you’re looking for a way to expand your customer base, becoming a vendor is the way to go. Latino Community wants to see companies supporting the local community and getting involved.

Vendor Opportunities:

  • Informational Table $60.00
  • Arts and Craft Kiosk $100.00
  • Promotional Educational Booth $150.00
  • Food Kiosk $300.00

Vendors guidelines:

Vendors are responsible for all materials and clean-up of their tables and kiosks including but not limited to (garbage cans, tent, tables, cooking utensils, food, displays, etc.)

The vendor assumes all responsibilities for obtaining all permits needed to operate his/hers/their vendor table or kiosk, including health permits, vending permits, fire permits, tent permits and tax permits.

The vendor assumes full and complete liability for any injuries, accidents or illness which may occur from the normal operation of his/hers/their vendor table and to hold the Festival Latino Americano of Syracuse and Onondaga County harmless for any such incidents.

To become a Sponsor contact: Fanny Villarreal
(315) 480-1082 |